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HKD 119 (750ML) HKD 398 (5L) *BEFORE DISCOUNT*

AMBER by Zero Natural Force - From vegetal origin, eco-friendly, mild fragrance of apple & lime.  Degreaser for the daily cleaning of all surfaces. Ideal in the kitchen, for the daily cleaning of greasy dirt. Excellent also as a pre-treating agent for fabrics before machine washing. Also suitable for the cleaning of internal surfaces within boats, ships and other transport.


The Gobi II has a massive flow range allowing its use from 1.75kW up to 35 kW. Its digital water sensor, universal voltage and user configurable flow ensure it is the strongest, quietest under A/C mounted condensate pump on the market today.

HKD 580

Pan-Treat condensate tablets control odors and prevent overflows by plugged condensate drain lines. They can also be used on humidifiers. Pan-Treat is extremely easy to use, and is safe, non-corrosive, non-toxic and biodegradable. The product is completely soluble in water and it does not form any deposits in the pan or drain. Left untreated, condensate pans can suffer from the build-up of sludge, scum and other accumulations. This build-up can cause odors as well as plugged drains and overflows, which in turn result in water damage. Pan-Treat is formulated with ingredients proven effective in cleaning and preventing these deposits, and its use will eliminate the extra maintenance costs associated with odors, plugged drains and overflows.


Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectants – eliminating viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi and moulds. It is a natural and powerful compound - an allotropic form of oxygen in the form of a pale blue gas formed naturally in the atmosphere. In the correct dose and cycle length, ozone is a powerful and sustainable way to guarantee disinfection. The airborne ozone particles, released by the generators, cover all the enclosed space so no surface is left untreated. Ozone generators require no external hazardous chemicals and leave no waste making them one of the most ecological and sustainable forms of disinfection.


The Scarecrow purifies and disinfects air in spaces up to 500m2. It includes an advanced forced ventilation system which draws air over HEPA 13 filters and shielded UV-C lamps. Air is disinfected at no risk to occupants in the room. The Scarecrow is a powerful and easy way to mitigate the risk of airborne transmission of respiratory viruses - including the elimination of airborne COVID-19. Easy to use and relevant for companies in any industry sector, the Scarecrow creates a measurably safer environment for clients and personnel.

HKD 110

Tabs Chlorine – Dichloroisocyanurate-based effervescent sanitising tablets are for professional use and each tablet has a high concentration of Chlorine. A suitable substitute for Pan-Treat Tablets, and can be applied in the same manner – High chlorine content – Sanitizing effect – Excellent solubility This product is for professional cleaning. As it is a concentrated ...


The Ultra Quiet Condensate Lift Removal System drainage pump has a flow rate of 24L/hr, a maximum lift of 12 meters, operates at an almost indiscernible noise level of less than 19 decibels, and at only 3 Watts it is very energy efficient. The circuit board sealing treatment ensures that the pump is not affected by a humid environment, and the electrode type water level sensor solves the failure problems of traditional float water level sensors such as water absorption and jamming.


The most powerful fixed air conditioner without outdoor unit in the range, with the innovative Pro Power technology that guarantees a cooling power of up to 3.5 kW. The modern Made in Italy design, the result of the collaboration with the Studio Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, allows it to blend in beautifully with any interior décor. Silent mode, touch display and controllable by remote control or smartphone, for maximum comfort.


Scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of UV-C in neutralizing COVID-19. Our HVAC experts can advise the exact type of UV-C device that is best suited for your HVAC system. A surface treatment or coil sanitizing UV-C light is installed above or adjacent to the evaporator coil of the interior air handler to kill and prevent microbial growth on the surface of the coil, the ductwork, and anything else the light can reach such as the drip pan or blower fan. UV-C devices placed strategically within ductwork ensures that the air in your environment is being constantly and thoroughly sanitized. AirCare Solutions technicians are trained to install a broad variety of air purification products.