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Window-Type Air Conditioner Deep Cleaning


– HKD 550 per unit (Hong Kong, Kowloon & the New Territories) 
– HKD 650 per unit (Discovery Bay) 

A Window Type or ‘Box Type’ Air Conditioner functions by pulling air from the room through a filter, separating the clean air from any dust particles and over the cooling coil. The cooling coil serves 2 primary functions: to drop the temperature of the air that passes over it which in turn, cools down the air being blown back out of the unit, and removing moisture from the air dropping the humidity levels in the room. To maintain this process at maximum efficiency, it is important to invest in regular cleaning of your air conditioning unit for 2 key reasons:

As the filter serves to catch unwanted dust particles, over time it will begin to build up with dust and mold, and become blocked. This will decrease the amount of air passing through the filter meaning the air conditioner will need to use more power to suck the air in and push the air back out into the room. However, even if you’re cleaning the filter regularly yourself (it is easily accessible and we certainly recommend that you do so) the filter cannot prevent 100% of dust from getting through and it is inevitable that dust and mold will build up on the coil, fan, fan housing, and other internal components of the unit.

As the air passes over the cooling coil, condensation will develop on the cooling coil’s surface - every time you utilize your unit, this process will continue to repeat and combined with the inevitable dust, grime, and oils that will accumulate, this provides a perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and mold. These harmful contaminants are blown back out of the unit and into the air that you and your family breathe.

What does the Window Type Air Conditioner Deep Cleaning consist of?

1. Check and test each air conditioner prior to cleaning (We don’t clean air cons that don’t work properly)

2. Place waterproof coverings over all furniture below or in close proximity to the air con unit, where necessary

3. Take a video clip of the condition of the cleanliness of the coil and fan housing

4. Remove, clean and sanitize filters

5. Remove and wash the front cover and other removable components such as louvres, vanes and the exhaust lever.

6. Physically treat and clean the coil, clean the accessible areas of the fan housing

7. Reassemble all components

8. Dry any excess moisture on or around the air con unit

9. Test unit

10. Clean up any mess from all work completed

11. Follow up by sending clients Before & After Clips of the condition of each individual unit, and advise a recommended cleaning schedule. Some AC's in your home or office may need more frequent deep cleaning than others - please see here for further information. 

5 Signs that your Window Type unit needs a professional clean

  1. You have a high-energy bill. Help reduce your power costs! A clean air conditioner is much more efficient thus it uses significantly less energy.

  2. There is weak air flow coming from your unit. If you have turned your unit on and notice that it isn’t very powerful, this could mean your coils and/or fan needs a thorough clean. The less air being circulated through the room, means the longer it takes to cool the room down, therefore using a lot more energy.

  3. The air coming from your unit has an unpleasant smell. If you can smell a musty odor coming from your unit when you turn it on, this means your unit has a build-up of dirt, mold and bacteria which circulates through the room each and every time you turn on your unit.

  4. Your health is being affected. Clean air can help anyone who suffers from asthma, allergies, hay fever and ongoing sinus problems.

  5. Your unit isn’t running as efficiently even though the filters are clean. Keeping your filters regularly cleaned helps greatly with the efficiency of the unit and reduces the amount of dirt getting into the air conditioner – however, the filters only represent the first line of defense for your unit. It is inevitable that the internal components of all air conditioning units will get dirty over time.


Top Tip: Regular cleaning of your air conditioning units can increase their life span significantly – ultimately saving you thousands of dollars in replacement costs. 


* Please note: As the majority of our clients prefer for their window-type units not to be entirely removed from the housing, we do not remove window-type units for cleaning unless specifically requested to do so. Please also note that pricing for complete removal of a window-type unit is HKD 1,100 per unit as it is a two-man job that requires double the time, and often requires electrical re-wiring. Removal of a window-type AC from the housing is the only way that all of the components can be accessed and 100% of contaminants can be removed. For those that suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues, we recommend that window-type units are removed from their housing for cleaning. 

** Please note: For window-type AC's, we do not flush the drainage line as a standard part of the process. WIndow-type AC drainage lines are flushed by request only. If the drainage line is easily accessible from an adjacent window and can be safely detached and reattached without the need for special operating equipment and/or the need for a safety harness, the surcharge for flushing/unblocking the drainage line will be HKD 100. For window-type AC's that are dripping externally owing to blocked drainage lines, a surcharge of HKD 400 will be applied for drainage lines that are difficult to reach, and/or if the window-type AC needs to be removed in order to access the drainage line.  

There is no consistency to how Window-type AC drainage lines are installed, and they are often installed exceptionally poorly, and/or have been poorly repaired, and/or are often in considerable disrepair. It is also commonplace for Window-type AC's to have had makeshift drainage pans installed which are often poorly attached and barely held in place by things such as coathanger wire, cable ties, string, and other such makeshift methods. Where the drainage line is attached to the drainage pan, we often find that the drainage line is held in place by household tape, insulation tape, duct tape, wire, silicone, and a whole host of other makeshift solutions. Thus the unblocking of window-type drainage lines will be completed by request only, and the surcharge applied will correspond to the amount of additional work and time that is required. 


Please note that a $100 Surcharge Applies for the below models of Hitachi Window-Type AC (with vents on both sides). This model is quite poorly designed, with perishable foam inside of the casing which typically only lasts for 18 to 24 months afterwhich time it will begin to deteriorate. Furthermore, as there are vents on either side of the AC for the airflow (rather than a single vent as is this case with almost all other brands and models of window-type AC) these are very narrow which makes this model of AC more time consuming and difficult to clean. 



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Lee Johnson

I had read some very enthusiastic reviews which almost seemed too good to be true but nothing was overstated, everyone was very responsive during every step of the booking and the servicing was efficient and extremely helpful and they really go the extra mile. I also love how they use super effective plant based cleaning products. I highly recommend this company.

Stephanie Ip

Really professional service. Was given a quote beforehand with transparent pricing. No hidden costs. Couldn’t believe how clean the AC units were after the team left! Highly recommend AirCare Solutions and will be booking them on a regular basis to keep my AC units in tip top condition!

Evelyn Kang

We are home owners and the AC in our living room had been a nightmare for us for 5 years. We've had multiple contractors come to unblock the drainage line, often several times per year, and none if them were able to resolve the issue. One company even quoted us $30,000 to fix the problems! Then we contacted AirCare Solutions after hearing so many good things about them from a good friend. During their visit to clean all of our ACs, they took the time to investigate the shared drainage line installation within our false ceiling, and very clearly explained to us the multiple issues that had been plaguing us. Everything they explained made complete sense, as opposed to the strange explanations that other contractors had made previously.Our drainage lines had been poorly installed, causing frequent buildup of algae which was clogging the drainage, resulting in our living room AC being unusable most of the time. AirCare Solutions adjusted the drainage line at the cleaning appointment to fix an obvious inclination issue, and then we booked them for technical services to come back and conduct a chemical flushing to remove all the calcified algae, as well as to install a condensate pump to fix another issue for which we would otherwise have had to break open a concrete wall to enlarge the conduit. Now that there's no more pooling of condensate in the drainage pan of our AC, as well as no pooling of water in the drainage line, we can finally use our living room AC again. Such a relief to have finally gotten clarity on what had been causing the issues, and so happy for their solutions! One very happy customer ????

Julie Petris

I had recently heard of AirCare Solutions and thought that I would give them a try. They did a fantastic job on all 4 of our split AC's - one of which is very old and delicate, and as we have very high ceilings the other 3 are not easy to access. My helper and I were amazed to see how much mold and grime came out of them - very glad that we had them done before the summer. Thanks guys!

Lotta George

Air Care Solutions were great! Arranged for them to come to check our air cons which had recently been cleaned by someone else. They were punctual and very professional and thorough. They really did a great job! Highly recommend !

Zdravka Paskaleva-Newman

Shout out to AirCare Solutions who did a fabulous job on our AC's today! They're all incredibly clean, the crew was thorough and very professional. Even took videos before and after for my reference, and they even managed to resolve an annoyingly noisy fan barrel issue for us - now my kids will be able to sleep better at night. Thanks guys!

Rebecca Hardman

I had a positive experience with this company from first contact until the job was completed. Communication was swift, knowledgeable and professional. They brought all the right equipment and completed the tasks in a timely and efficient manner. My ACs are now clean and running more smoothly. I would use this company’s services again and recommend them to others. It was also beneficial to be able to communicate in English as I don’t speak Cantonese. Thanks for your brilliant services and help! Much appreciated.

Tanya Hart

Hi! I just got my air cons cleaned by a fab crew. Good communication, no up-sell, in fact when they noticed two were new & not grimy, they just removed from quote without being asked. Didn’t mess up the house. Sent me before & after pics. Window type aircons are quieter now. Very happy.

Jason Prohaska

We're moving into a new flat and they actually rearranged their schedule to come clean before we moved in. Got a detailed report to show the landlord and they said the landlord could contact them directly if there was any questions (removes me from the equation...THANK YOU). Showed me before and after videos as proof of their work too. Messaged me to say they were done and would be sending me a revised quote. I just assumed it would be higher. I was shocked to see it actually was lower than what they previously told me. All in all, so impressed with their work, price and integrity. If you want to get rid of the nasties in your AC's, I would highly recommend these guys.

Sally Humphries

Excellent service from start to finish. Extremely professional, timely and thorough. Was given the low down on every aspect of the process including detailed videos of before and after cleaning which were shocking! The AC works so much better now. The company is English-speaking run by expats, which helps. The booking process was very easy. I’ve already recommended it to others who were equally satisfied. Would highly recommend without hesitation.

Ronney Ngan

Professional service and genuine willingness to help and to share

Cheryl Lai

We had our air conditioner units cleaned by the team recently. Service was great, they were extremely thorough and they also provided me clips of each unit plus a report at the end which I can share with our landlord. I would not hesitate in recommending them.

Phillip Wu

Great service. On time and follow through all issues. They are professional and great help and service. Definitely will hire them again.

Jeanny Kim

Highly recommend AirCare Solutions! We had our air conditioners cleaned yesterday and they were extremely thorough, professional and friendly. We will definitely be getting our air conditioners cleaned regularly.

Nathan Keltner

I used AirCare Solutions too and was super pleased. I’ll easily use them next time as well.

Tracey Godfrey

Fantastic service. These guys really know their business. Efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. We’ve had several other AC companies in the past, none of them have been anywhere near as good as this company. Highly recommend

Sylvana Lee

They came the same afternoon that I booked and were kind, informative, clean and tidy and above all did a fab job. Would highly recommend and will be using them for any AC maintenance I have

Isabel Bermudez

AirCare Solutions was amazing! The level of detail and communication was wonderful. We have a 4 month old baby, so it was really important to us that the AC be cleaned. Not only did they send us videos of before and after, they double checked everything before they left. There was no mess or strong chemical odour either. We’ll be cleaning our units with them from now on.

Laura Kelly

Just had a cleaning of two units with AirCare Solutions and it was a pleasure. They arrived on time, personable and friendly service, and after cleaning gave some really good tips about further use which was really useful. I’ve never had anyone clean up so well after. When the cleaning was finished, the AC's were working good as new. I had to leave the house and when I came home the remote control wouldn’t work so I messaged them directly and they still responded at 10pm! They came the next day with no fuss, no charge, and they resolved an issue with the sensor. Really great service and would absolutely recommend.

Joanne McKee

I have just used AirCare Solutions to deep clean our leaking air cons. They provided a great service. Fast response, thorough clean, careful with furniture, using protective sheets. The AC’s are now spotless and icy cold

Hazelle Andrea Antonio Velasquez-Tse

We just had all of our aircons professionally deep cleaned by AirCare Solutions - we hadn't had our AC’s cleaned for a long time and we noticed that the AC’s weren’t cooling very well, and two of them were leaking. We thought that they needed repairs, but AirCare Solutions advised us that they likely just needed a deep clean and for the drainage to be cleared. They were right - after cleaning, they work like new, and no more leaking. They even unblocked our sink for us while they were here!

Sabrina Ann Chan

Highly recommended, very professional and excellent customer service!

Paloma Gerber

We just had a cleaning done by AirCare Solutions Hong Kong, and were very impressed by their customer service. A good cleaning job and value for money, but above all, they excel in customer service. They were always highly responsive and went out of their way to make sure we were more than satisfied. I highly recommend their services!

Cheryl Lai

We used AirCare Solutions to clean our air conditioners recently and I must say, they were fantastic to deal with. I have found it difficult to find available technicians at this time of year so I was pleasantly surprised when they were able to organize our clean at very short notice. The gentleman that came was on time, extremely helpful and our units are now running well again. They even sent us a report afterwards which detailed an installation issue that we were then able to share with the owner. We will definitely be using them again and would highly recommend them to anyone here.

Isabel Bermudez

They are awesome! Our apartment has been so refreshing to be in :o) We even messaged them to ask an air con related question weeks after their visit, and they still took the time to answer!

Min Chen

We just used AirCare Solutions to clean our AC and we also had a similar excellent experience! I would also recommend them, and our AC is working much better after the clean.

Catherine Hwa-Schelander

They have just cleaned 6 units for us as well and did a fantastic job - really thorough and they even made videos to show us the before and after results of the cleaning. Great communication, great cleaning and overall great service - the best we have had in the 7 years we have been here in hk. Highly recommend!

Vn Leung

We just had three of our aircons professionally cleaned by the Aircare Solutions team, and they were really friendly, on time, reliable and professional. Our aircons are now smelling fresh, are cooler than before, and we are very happy. Not only that but they made sure that all our furniture/items were put back exactly as they were and cleaned up every trace that they were even here, this no-mess no-fuss service is well worth it. Now the only problem is that next Summer when we get the service again, we’re afraid they’ll be fully booked since everyone is so happy with them

Fiona Lee

I hired these guys after seeing all the fantastic reviews here and am glad to report that they did not disappoint. 5 star service, great communication, knew what they were doing and just really nice guys overall. Our air-cons were disgusting but looked amazing after they were done with them, will be recommending these guys to anyone who needs their air-cons cleaned!

Vn Leung

Hi all, I just wanted to recommend AirCare Solutions A/C cleaning company, they cleaned three of our air conditioners recently and we had a really pleasant experience. Though it’s been a rainy week, it’s still going to be a hot couple of months ahead so I thought this may be useful for the group – especially when many of us are working from home because of COVID-19. They use nontoxic, eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable products, safe for kids & pets, very professional, excellent communication, punctual. And on top of that, NO LONG WAIT! I booked with them and they came within a week. You just need to give them two booking preference times. My aircons had this musty smell before but now that’s gone, and the air is much cooler than before and I don’t feel like I’m inhaling gross stuff anymore. Highly recommended

Claudia Primavera

Thanks for recommending! i just had cleaning done by Aircare Solutions and couldn't recommend them enough, very happy with their services!! They really went above and beyond with the massively thorough cleaning, very great attention to detail and even helped clean my shower free of charge which is defo very rare here!! The team's super responsive as well, I booked mine just last week and it was sorted quickly. All in all, really highly recommend the business!

Sarah Hamilton

We just had our air con units serviced with AirCare Solutions. Very pleased with their service - they managed to squeeze me in on the day I called as I had a leak and they even managed to fix it (two previous companies were unable to fix the leak!). Highly recommend them!

Stephen Gavin

AirCare Solutions provide a professional, personalised experience, and go above and beyond to provide a thorough clean. My aircons feel brand new! The whole experience from booking to completion was smooth and hassle free. I was referred to AirCare Solutions by word of mouth from a friend, and I will continue to spread the word!

Jade Poon

I had a GREAT experience with AirCare Solutions today! I had an aircon that was dripping in my baby's room so needed it fixed ASAP. Scott and Max squeezed me in today and unblocked the drain and gave it a thorough clean. They also cleaned all my aircons and took before and after videos. They were extremely friendly and professional, gave us tips on how to care and clean our aircons. Even my helper found them very helpful and nice too. I've had lots of aircon cleaners/ fixers in the past and this was by far the best experience ever!

Ilona Magyar-Bakó

I just had my aircons cleaned with AirCare Solutions after I saw this recommendations and couldn't be happier. Very easy booking, super quick response from the customer service and no long wait for the actual cleaning (they were able to come in the time slot I requested which was within days of the booking). The guys were super nice, they really took their time to do a thorough job (took before and after videos of the inside of the aircons) and cleaned up beautifully after themselves (although they didn't really make a mess). All in all, we couldn't be happier with their service, highly recommend them.

Andrea Charity Battad Cristobal

We loved AirCare Solutions ! Super friendly with my curious kid and honest about the cost of fixing one of our old aircons vs. buying a new one. Wonderful to have the before and after videos as well!

Youssef Ajdir

Very professional and efficient. I couldn't be more happy with the quality of the service and the way they handled my issues from the booking process up to their followup

Harriet Rhodes

Very professional and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend and will use them in the future!

Mamta Mukherjee

Thank you for doing an amazing job! At such a short notice, you not only serviced the aircons and cleared the blockages but did it with so much care and patience! Loving the clean air. Thank you!

Rahat Jabeen

Punctual & cheerful staff, excellent communication about any aircon issues & possible solutions, left everything clean and tidy. Overall best aircon service I've used so far in Hong Kong and we'll definitely be using them again!

Susanna Heinonen

What can be said about the 5-star service? Communication has been 11/10, cleaning itself was 11/10 and the staff themselves I will rate 20/10 - they explained everything, offered solutions and from the point of view what's best for me, not for their wallets! Will use AirCare Solutions from now on, so pleased with the service that I can't recommend them highly enough!

Martin Raynier

Highly recommend AirCare Solutions Hong Kong. Very Professional and Efficient !