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How often should I get my AC's cleaned?



An air conditioner's filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases.

Air conditioner units that are located in or near the kitchen (as well as air conditioners that are located in the same room as an open kitchen) often need to be deep cleaned more frequently than the other units in your home. This is due to the vapors and oils that are emitted during various cooking processes which will unavoidably be drawn into the air conditioner unit - especially if it is operating when you are cooking. One only needs to note the significant build up of oils on your range hood and other kitchen surfaces to understand how this occurs.

Other factors which will have a significant impact on how rapidly dust, mold, mildew, algae, and grime will accumulate within air-conditioning systems are; 

  • Humidity levels 
  • Location of the air conditioning system relative to other sources of moisture
    (i.e.: located in close proximity to a bathroom with poor ventilation) 
  • The presence of carpets and/or rugs
  • The proper original installation of the air conditioning system
    (If not installed at the correct gradient, the drain pan will be prone to developing mold and algae)
  • How frequently the surrounding environment is cleaned and cleared of dust and other biomatter such as pet fur
  • Environmental air quality
  • The diffusing of essential oils and/or the burning of incense and/or the burning of scented candles
    (Anything that is added to your indoor air, be it vapors from cooking, vapors from diffusing essential oils, carbon from burning candles, etc. will ultimately end up accumulating on the external and internal components of your air conditioning systems)

Taking steps to ensure that indoor air quality is good, and humidity levels are low, will decrease the frequency that air conditioning systems need be deep cleaned and sanitized. 


Are you experiencing any of the following? Then book an appointment with us today!

Higher than expected electricity consumption?
An untreated air conditioning unit can increase your energy consumption by up to 20%. How? Over time, contaminants will build up within the coil and the fan barrel, restricting the amount of airflow that can pass through your unit's coil fins while also weighing down the fan barrel. Even dusty and clogged filters can impact your AC's energy consumption from between 5% to 15%. All of these issues cause the unit to draw more power, over-working your air-conditioner, and results in greater electricity consumption. 

Longer time to reach desired room temperatures?
A split-type air-conditioner's fan barrel is a long cylinder with small plastic fins, each spaced apart approximately by 1cm, which surround the barrel. Over time, contaminants will build up between the fins and restrict the airflow. Likewise, contaminant buildup in the coil fins also restrict airflow. This causes your air-con to take longer than usual to cool/heat your room. After our clean, your air conditioning units will reach the desired temperature faster and reduce excess electricity usage.

Cold & Flu Symptoms?
Every time your air conditioner runs, the build-up of harmful contaminants inside your air conditioner unit circulates them into the air that you breathe, and throughout your home. Air conditioning cleaning is highly recommended for those who suffer from asthma, sinus, and other respiratory symptoms. Having your air conditioning systems professionally cleaned will eliminate all mold and other unsanitary elements that are thriving within your air conditioning units, which in turn reduces cold & flu-like symptoms.

Understanding your air conditioning system operation

Air is drawn from the room in your office or home through a return grill and passes through an air filter and into the ‘air handler’ (head unit). Contrary to what many consumers believe, neither split-type air conditioners or window-type air conditioners draw air from outside – almost all types of air conditioners recirculate the air inside your home or office.

Inside of the air handler is the circulating fan, and a heat exchange coil commonly called the evaporator. The evaporator is cold and thus removes heat from air that blows across it. In addition to removing heat, water also leaves deposits on the evaporator surfaces. The cooled air returns to the room via outlet grills. The moisture falls into a drain pan under the evaporator and drains through a pipe out of the system.

Sources of microbial contamination in air conditioning

The air drawn into a system in your home or office contains dust, much of which consists of biological spores and other organic particles. Even the best filters capture only part of this material. Much of the rest falls out of the air stream onto the heat transfer surfaces within your air conditioning system. It combines with the condensation and the spores germinate and grow rapidly.

Indoor air quality and microbial contamination in air conditioning systems

Air conditioning systems can become breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and other sources of biological contaminants and can then distribute these contaminants throughout your home or office.

Of greatest concern is biological growth and bio-aerosol generation, most of which are potential allergens. Airborne allergens in the home or office constitute one of the most difficult types of allergens to avoid. Unfortunately, heating and cooling air conditioning systems are excellent harbors for molds, and an air conditioning system makes for an efficient distribution system!

Cleaning your air conditioner filters regularly is a good habit, but it’s not enough

You should definitely clean the dust from the filters of your air conditioning systems at least once per month during periods of frequent usage. You may even regularly wash it in antibacterial solutions. But contaminants such as mold and bacteria will swiftly return, and it’s inevitable that they will contaminate the internal components of your air conditioning systems that you cannot see. The moist environment created inside your air conditioner through its normal operation is the ideal environment for mold and bacteria to grow and flourish in as little as 2 or 3 months - particularly in Hong Kong's humid environment. 

The real problems lay in the areas you can’t reach; the coil, fan barrel, drain pan, and drain line are all moist environments which mold, fungus and bacteria thrive in. The best way to ensure that your home or office is protected is to have the mold, fungus and bacteria removed from your air conditioner, using environmentally friendly cleaning products that also reduce the rate of recontamination. An air conditioner contaminated with unacceptable levels of mold & bacteria can suppress your immune system, cause cold & flu like symptoms, skin irritations, hay fever & trigger asthma attacks. If you want to provide your family with comfort-controlled air that is also healthy then make sure to have your air conditioning systems professionally deep cleaned.

Common symptoms of contaminated air conditioning units

While the symptoms can vary greatly the following complaints have been associated with contaminated air conditioning:

  • Asthma attacks
  • allergies
  • hayfever
  • fatigue
  • sore throat
  • sore, dry eyes
  • respiratory problems
  • headaches
  • tightness of chest
  • frequent colds
  • flu or flu-like symptoms



Other benefits of regular air conditioning cleaning

If you clean and flush your system regularly it will operate more efficiently, use less power and have a longer life span.

Most natural corrosion in air conditioning systems is caused by sulphuric acid secreted by common bacteria that chemically combines sulphur from the air with hydrogen and oxygen from water. These chemicals will have an adverse effect on the coils and fasteners.

Unfortunately, we also note that many unscrupulous air conditioning cleaning companies are utilizing corrosive cleaning products to ‘clean’ the coils, fan, fan barrel, drain pan, and other difficult to reach components of air conditioner systems. They engage in this bad practice out of pure laziness (it cuts cleaning time by more than half) and disregard for the long life of your air conditioning systems. We often see the effects of these bad practices immediately upon inspection of the internal components of your air conditioners; plastic components become brittle, discolored, and are visibly corroded. Metal components are also discolored and corroded. If you have ever had your air conditioners cleaned and you are told to leave your air conditioners running for at least 30 minutes after they have finished ‘cleaning’, then this is likely because they have used corrosive chemicals and they wish for the natural condensation on the coils from normal operation to rinse the corrosive residues away. 

Frequency of air conditioner cleaning

Depending on the level of use and environment it is recommended that a split system air conditioning unit is cleaned at least once every 12 months however ideally every 6 months with high usage – which is most often the case in Hong Kong. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend a deep clean in the midst of the summer anytime between mid-June to mid-July so that your AC's are operating optimally for the peak summer heat, and again anywhere from mid-December to mid-January when you're no longer operating your AC's for cooling. For further information as to why it's exceptionally important to have your AC's deep cleaned at the end of the summer season when they're no longer in use - see here

Health Research

Millions of people have allergies, and mold is a common irritant. Mold is also a known trigger of asthma. Symptoms of exposure to mold can be as simple as a stuffy nose or watery eyes. In some cases, they can be much more serious. Certain types of mold give off toxins that can be the source of serious health issues.

Not everyone has the same sensitivity to mold so it is possible for one person to experience discomfort while others living in the home too have no symptoms whatsoever. Individuals at the greatest risk include:

  • Allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • People with respiratory disease.
  • People with compromised immune systems.

While mold exists everywhere, it sometimes takes on a dangerous form. The scientific name for the greenish-black mold that turns up on the carpet, wallpaper, ceiling tiles, and of course within air conditioners – is Stachybotrys Chartarum. It produces a mycotoxin that causes mycotoxicosis and strong associations have been made between mold and various adverse effects on human health. Many are known to cause allergies such as hay fever; some are known to be important triggers of asthma.

Tests conducted on building occupants suffering allergic symptoms reported responses to fungi found in air conditioning ducts. A 1994 study found that repeated exposure to spores or other parts of fungi commonly found in indoor air could result in allergies such as asthma and rhinitis; extrinsic allergic alveolitis (a group of lung diseases) or hypersensitivity pneumonitis, which has flu-like symptoms; ‘sick building syndrome’ including symptoms such as headache, fatigue and mucosal complaints; or organic dust toxic syndrome recognized by tightness of the chest, bronchitis and asthma. Those with impaired immune systems are most at risk

The results of tests conducted in homes, offices, schools, hospitals and other air-conditioned buildings indicate fungi are an indoor pollutant of significant concern.

If your air conditioner is contaminated, you are at risk. AirCare Solutions trained personnel will eliminate the source of these issues and neutralize the risk to you, your family and your staff.

Hong Kong residents spend some 90% of their time indoors. Consequently, indoor air quality and the health problems created by contaminated air are issues of incredibly significant community health concern. It is now well documented that poor indoor air quality leads directly to several concerning health effects on the occupants of affected buildings. These range from minor skin and eye irritations to asthma, allergies, respiratory complaints and suppression of the immune system. Legionnaires Disease is just one potentially deadly example.

A World Health Organization report in 1995 estimated that up to one-third of buildings in industrialized countries are aptly named ‘sick buildings’. The issue of air quality is one with very real health and economic implications. It is with good reason that this topic is now amongst the most hotly debated topics in environmental medical literature.

While we all enjoy the comforts afforded to us by modern air conditioning systems, it is important at the same time that we recognize them as a source of potentially harmful micro-organisms and take steps to ensure that they are properly operated and maintained. By simply ensuring that the air conditioning systems in modern buildings remain free of biological contamination, we can go a long way towards improving the health and quality of our indoor environments.


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Lee Johnson

I had read some very enthusiastic reviews which almost seemed too good to be true but nothing was overstated, everyone was very responsive during every step of the booking and the servicing was efficient and extremely helpful and they really go the extra mile. I also love how they use super effective plant based cleaning products. I highly recommend this company.

Stephanie Ip

Really professional service. Was given a quote beforehand with transparent pricing. No hidden costs. Couldn’t believe how clean the AC units were after the team left! Highly recommend AirCare Solutions and will be booking them on a regular basis to keep my AC units in tip top condition!

Evelyn Kang

We are home owners and the AC in our living room had been a nightmare for us for 5 years. We've had multiple contractors come to unblock the drainage line, often several times per year, and none if them were able to resolve the issue. One company even quoted us $30,000 to fix the problems! Then we contacted AirCare Solutions after hearing so many good things about them from a good friend. During their visit to clean all of our ACs, they took the time to investigate the shared drainage line installation within our false ceiling, and very clearly explained to us the multiple issues that had been plaguing us. Everything they explained made complete sense, as opposed to the strange explanations that other contractors had made previously.Our drainage lines had been poorly installed, causing frequent buildup of algae which was clogging the drainage, resulting in our living room AC being unusable most of the time. AirCare Solutions adjusted the drainage line at the cleaning appointment to fix an obvious inclination issue, and then we booked them for technical services to come back and conduct a chemical flushing to remove all the calcified algae, as well as to install a condensate pump to fix another issue for which we would otherwise have had to break open a concrete wall to enlarge the conduit. Now that there's no more pooling of condensate in the drainage pan of our AC, as well as no pooling of water in the drainage line, we can finally use our living room AC again. Such a relief to have finally gotten clarity on what had been causing the issues, and so happy for their solutions! One very happy customer ????

Julie Petris

I had recently heard of AirCare Solutions and thought that I would give them a try. They did a fantastic job on all 4 of our split AC's - one of which is very old and delicate, and as we have very high ceilings the other 3 are not easy to access. My helper and I were amazed to see how much mold and grime came out of them - very glad that we had them done before the summer. Thanks guys!

Lotta George

Air Care Solutions were great! Arranged for them to come to check our air cons which had recently been cleaned by someone else. They were punctual and very professional and thorough. They really did a great job! Highly recommend !

Zdravka Paskaleva-Newman

Shout out to AirCare Solutions who did a fabulous job on our AC's today! They're all incredibly clean, the crew was thorough and very professional. Even took videos before and after for my reference, and they even managed to resolve an annoyingly noisy fan barrel issue for us - now my kids will be able to sleep better at night. Thanks guys!

Rebecca Hardman

I had a positive experience with this company from first contact until the job was completed. Communication was swift, knowledgeable and professional. They brought all the right equipment and completed the tasks in a timely and efficient manner. My ACs are now clean and running more smoothly. I would use this company’s services again and recommend them to others. It was also beneficial to be able to communicate in English as I don’t speak Cantonese. Thanks for your brilliant services and help! Much appreciated.

Tanya Hart

Hi! I just got my air cons cleaned by a fab crew. Good communication, no up-sell, in fact when they noticed two were new & not grimy, they just removed from quote without being asked. Didn’t mess up the house. Sent me before & after pics. Window type aircons are quieter now. Very happy.

Jason Prohaska

We're moving into a new flat and they actually rearranged their schedule to come clean before we moved in. Got a detailed report to show the landlord and they said the landlord could contact them directly if there was any questions (removes me from the equation...THANK YOU). Showed me before and after videos as proof of their work too. Messaged me to say they were done and would be sending me a revised quote. I just assumed it would be higher. I was shocked to see it actually was lower than what they previously told me. All in all, so impressed with their work, price and integrity. If you want to get rid of the nasties in your AC's, I would highly recommend these guys.

Sally Humphries

Excellent service from start to finish. Extremely professional, timely and thorough. Was given the low down on every aspect of the process including detailed videos of before and after cleaning which were shocking! The AC works so much better now. The company is English-speaking run by expats, which helps. The booking process was very easy. I’ve already recommended it to others who were equally satisfied. Would highly recommend without hesitation.

Ronney Ngan

Professional service and genuine willingness to help and to share

Cheryl Lai

We had our air conditioner units cleaned by the team recently. Service was great, they were extremely thorough and they also provided me clips of each unit plus a report at the end which I can share with our landlord. I would not hesitate in recommending them.

Phillip Wu

Great service. On time and follow through all issues. They are professional and great help and service. Definitely will hire them again.

Jeanny Kim

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Nathan Keltner

I used AirCare Solutions too and was super pleased. I’ll easily use them next time as well.

Tracey Godfrey

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Sylvana Lee

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Isabel Bermudez

AirCare Solutions was amazing! The level of detail and communication was wonderful. We have a 4 month old baby, so it was really important to us that the AC be cleaned. Not only did they send us videos of before and after, they double checked everything before they left. There was no mess or strong chemical odour either. We’ll be cleaning our units with them from now on.

Laura Kelly

Just had a cleaning of two units with AirCare Solutions and it was a pleasure. They arrived on time, personable and friendly service, and after cleaning gave some really good tips about further use which was really useful. I’ve never had anyone clean up so well after. When the cleaning was finished, the AC's were working good as new. I had to leave the house and when I came home the remote control wouldn’t work so I messaged them directly and they still responded at 10pm! They came the next day with no fuss, no charge, and they resolved an issue with the sensor. Really great service and would absolutely recommend.

Joanne McKee

I have just used AirCare Solutions to deep clean our leaking air cons. They provided a great service. Fast response, thorough clean, careful with furniture, using protective sheets. The AC’s are now spotless and icy cold

Hazelle Andrea Antonio Velasquez-Tse

We just had all of our aircons professionally deep cleaned by AirCare Solutions - we hadn't had our AC’s cleaned for a long time and we noticed that the AC’s weren’t cooling very well, and two of them were leaking. We thought that they needed repairs, but AirCare Solutions advised us that they likely just needed a deep clean and for the drainage to be cleared. They were right - after cleaning, they work like new, and no more leaking. They even unblocked our sink for us while they were here!

Sabrina Ann Chan

Highly recommended, very professional and excellent customer service!

Paloma Gerber

We just had a cleaning done by AirCare Solutions Hong Kong, and were very impressed by their customer service. A good cleaning job and value for money, but above all, they excel in customer service. They were always highly responsive and went out of their way to make sure we were more than satisfied. I highly recommend their services!

Cheryl Lai

We used AirCare Solutions to clean our air conditioners recently and I must say, they were fantastic to deal with. I have found it difficult to find available technicians at this time of year so I was pleasantly surprised when they were able to organize our clean at very short notice. The gentleman that came was on time, extremely helpful and our units are now running well again. They even sent us a report afterwards which detailed an installation issue that we were then able to share with the owner. We will definitely be using them again and would highly recommend them to anyone here.

Isabel Bermudez

They are awesome! Our apartment has been so refreshing to be in :o) We even messaged them to ask an air con related question weeks after their visit, and they still took the time to answer!

Min Chen

We just used AirCare Solutions to clean our AC and we also had a similar excellent experience! I would also recommend them, and our AC is working much better after the clean.

Catherine Hwa-Schelander

They have just cleaned 6 units for us as well and did a fantastic job - really thorough and they even made videos to show us the before and after results of the cleaning. Great communication, great cleaning and overall great service - the best we have had in the 7 years we have been here in hk. Highly recommend!

Vn Leung

We just had three of our aircons professionally cleaned by the Aircare Solutions team, and they were really friendly, on time, reliable and professional. Our aircons are now smelling fresh, are cooler than before, and we are very happy. Not only that but they made sure that all our furniture/items were put back exactly as they were and cleaned up every trace that they were even here, this no-mess no-fuss service is well worth it. Now the only problem is that next Summer when we get the service again, we’re afraid they’ll be fully booked since everyone is so happy with them

Fiona Lee

I hired these guys after seeing all the fantastic reviews here and am glad to report that they did not disappoint. 5 star service, great communication, knew what they were doing and just really nice guys overall. Our air-cons were disgusting but looked amazing after they were done with them, will be recommending these guys to anyone who needs their air-cons cleaned!

Vn Leung

Hi all, I just wanted to recommend AirCare Solutions A/C cleaning company, they cleaned three of our air conditioners recently and we had a really pleasant experience. Though it’s been a rainy week, it’s still going to be a hot couple of months ahead so I thought this may be useful for the group – especially when many of us are working from home because of COVID-19. They use nontoxic, eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable products, safe for kids & pets, very professional, excellent communication, punctual. And on top of that, NO LONG WAIT! I booked with them and they came within a week. You just need to give them two booking preference times. My aircons had this musty smell before but now that’s gone, and the air is much cooler than before and I don’t feel like I’m inhaling gross stuff anymore. Highly recommended

Claudia Primavera

Thanks for recommending! i just had cleaning done by Aircare Solutions and couldn't recommend them enough, very happy with their services!! They really went above and beyond with the massively thorough cleaning, very great attention to detail and even helped clean my shower free of charge which is defo very rare here!! The team's super responsive as well, I booked mine just last week and it was sorted quickly. All in all, really highly recommend the business!

Sarah Hamilton

We just had our air con units serviced with AirCare Solutions. Very pleased with their service - they managed to squeeze me in on the day I called as I had a leak and they even managed to fix it (two previous companies were unable to fix the leak!). Highly recommend them!

Stephen Gavin

AirCare Solutions provide a professional, personalised experience, and go above and beyond to provide a thorough clean. My aircons feel brand new! The whole experience from booking to completion was smooth and hassle free. I was referred to AirCare Solutions by word of mouth from a friend, and I will continue to spread the word!

Jade Poon

I had a GREAT experience with AirCare Solutions today! I had an aircon that was dripping in my baby's room so needed it fixed ASAP. Scott and Max squeezed me in today and unblocked the drain and gave it a thorough clean. They also cleaned all my aircons and took before and after videos. They were extremely friendly and professional, gave us tips on how to care and clean our aircons. Even my helper found them very helpful and nice too. I've had lots of aircon cleaners/ fixers in the past and this was by far the best experience ever!

Ilona Magyar-Bakó

I just had my aircons cleaned with AirCare Solutions after I saw this recommendations and couldn't be happier. Very easy booking, super quick response from the customer service and no long wait for the actual cleaning (they were able to come in the time slot I requested which was within days of the booking). The guys were super nice, they really took their time to do a thorough job (took before and after videos of the inside of the aircons) and cleaned up beautifully after themselves (although they didn't really make a mess). All in all, we couldn't be happier with their service, highly recommend them.

Andrea Charity Battad Cristobal

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Rahat Jabeen

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Susanna Heinonen

What can be said about the 5-star service? Communication has been 11/10, cleaning itself was 11/10 and the staff themselves I will rate 20/10 - they explained everything, offered solutions and from the point of view what's best for me, not for their wallets! Will use AirCare Solutions from now on, so pleased with the service that I can't recommend them highly enough!

Martin Raynier

Highly recommend AirCare Solutions Hong Kong. Very Professional and Efficient !