Wizard Ozone – Eliminates COVID-19

A powerful weapon to combat COVID-19 which has been scientifically proven to destroy COVID-19 within minutes of contact.

Ozone-emitting appliances can be employed in a number of environments, such as residences, hotels, schools, gyms, kitchens, storage facilities, commercial enterprises and offices.


Ozone is a colorless gas with a pungent odor, just like the typical smell that lingers in the air after a thunderstorm. However, the odor of the ozone itself disperses within minutes of the appliance being shut down whilst other unwanted odors have been eliminated. The symbol of Ozone is O3, because it is made up of three oxygen atoms. It is an unstable gas that cannot be stored and must be produced at the time of use, and as it is one of the most powerful oxidants known, it is able to deactivate not only viruses but also a wide range of other contaminating microorganisms present in the air. The direct oxidation of the cell wall is its main effect. Oxidation causes this wall to rupture causing cellular internal components to exit the cell. The damage caused to microorganisms is not limited to the oxidation of their cellular walls: ozone also causes damage to the components of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) causing the breakdown of carbon-nitrogen bonds which results in depolymerization, which is of particular interest in the deactivation of all types of viruses. Microorganisms are therefore unable to develop immunity to ozone. Ozone is therefore effective in deactivating bacteria, viruses, protozoa, nematodes, fungi, cell aggregates, and spores. It acts at a lower concentration and faster than other sanitizing methods. According to the WHO, ozone is the most efficient disinfectant for all types of microorganisms.

In a specific laboratory test conducted by SANNIO TECH it has been confirmed that Ozone is exceptionally effective in destroying the COVID-19 virus within minutes. Should you wish to review a full copy of the Report, please click here.

In the stratosphere ozone performs a function that is highly beneficial for life, by providing a screen against the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, which is harmful for living cells. The power of Ozone to sanitize air, water and surfaces is unsurpassed due to its ability to break down the cell membranes underlying the vital integrity of bacterial cells, fungi, microbes, viruses, pathogenic agents, salmonella, dust mites, shield bugs, insects, fleas, ticks and lice… and then it completely breaks down into oxygen within 30-60 minutes from use. Being a highly unstable molecule, as it completely breaks down into oxygen, it does not require any elimination treatment.


  • SANITIZES closed environments
  • REMOVES odors
  • ELIMINATES bacteria, fungi and molds
  • INACTIVATES viruses
  • DISINFECTS clothes, footwear, surfaces, and entire rooms
  • REPELS insects
  • BREAKS DOWN organic matter


Wizard Ozone appliances are regarded as top of the line industry tech which uses ‘OZONE’ as a sanitising agent. OZONE is an environmentally friendly gas used to eradicate viruses, bacteria, pathogens as well as eliminating insects and rodents in corporate offices.

Used as an indoor cleaning product, it removes odors, disinfects clothes and footwear and even preserves fresh food. According to the FDA, OZONE is acknowledged as safe to use in the production of meat, eggs, fish, cheese, fruits, vegetables and water. This is due to its high oxidising power and the chemical agent breaking down into pure oxygen within 30 minutes of use without leaving any harmful chemical residues.


Ozone is able to reach every corner and every surface of any given space – so when utilized within ventilation ducts, it is able to santize the entire duct system, cooling coils, and other components to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

It is commonplace in Hong Kong for duct-type air conditioning systems to be so poorly installed in such a way that the cooling coils are inaccessible for deep cleaning – in such cases the Ozone provides an excellent work-around to kill inaccessibile mold and minimize or completely prevent further spreading. Furthermore, as unpleasant odors are the byproduct of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, ozone elimnates these and in so doing also eliminates odors.

AirCare Solutions stocks both the Toto appliance for home use and the Lion appliance for commercial use and larger spaces. These incredibly versatile machines are a must-have for home use or for commercial use. The appliances can be programmed for sanitation cycles for when the room(s) or the environment to be treated is unoccupied, and they can also be programmed manually, or via the Wizard Ozone App on your smartphone

Our clients have purchased Ozone appliances for uses such as eliminating mold, sterilizing water, prolonging the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables, sanitizing rooms, removing odors, disinfecting footwear in shoe cupboards, and a whole host of other uses.

A sample of organizations that are using Ozone for a multi-pronged sanitation approach include; Renaissance College Hong Kong, KGV International School Hong Kong, Hong Kong University, Harvard University, Marriott, MGM Grand, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, Johnson+Johnson, General Electric, Abercrobie & Fitch, Smiths Medical, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, NASA, The United States Navy….and many others.

See why KGV International School and Renaissance College have chosen Ozone to sanitize critical areas of their schools here and here.

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Is it safe?

Unlike other disinfectants, like chlorine, it does not leave residues. Ozone is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms. Once its oxidizing and sanitizing action has finished, it turns into oxygen without leaving any chemical residue.

Treatments last up to 40 minutes per area – It is important to note that users MUST LEAVE THE AREA during the treatment.

What happens after the treatment?

At the end of the treatment, it will be enough to ventilate the space to be able to access it again or just allow the required time necessary for ozone to convert into oxygen again.

During the treatment, nobody will be allowed to remain in the space to be treated.