Ceiling Suspended Type Air Conditioner Cleaning – HKD 950+ per unit


Ceiling Suspended-Type air conditioners are a popular air conditioning unit that consists of a ceiling mounted indoor unit that blows cool (or warm) air into the room; and an outdoor condenser unit designed to dispel the heat generated through the cooling process allowing you to adjust the room temperature accordingly. Refrigerants are used to cool or heat the air which is drawn through a filter to ensure air is clean, fresh and healthy.

Most commonly found in Restaurants, Bars, Commercial Kitchens and Retail Outlets, these are popular units owing to their high output, robustness, relatively low profile, and relative ease of placement.

When a ceiling suspended-type system is not regularly cleaned and serviced it becomes prone to dust build up and is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Ceiling suspended-type systems have a more sizeable interior surface and components (roughly two to three times as much surface area as a split-type air conditioning unit) and thus they also have a greater capacity for mold and dust tp accumulate. As the bacteria and mold continues to grow on the coils, fans, filters and drain pan of the air conditioner, the contaminants begin to affect the overall air quality resulting in harmful allergens being circulated through the room. These allergens are especially harmful to individuals who suffer from asthma, hay fever, sinus problems, respiratory illnesses, eczema and other health issues. A build-up of dirt, dust, grime and mold on the fan, filters and in the coils will also cause a significant increase in power consumption which will obviously result in an increase in your power bill.

At AirCare Solutions, our staff know ceiling suspended-type air conditioning units inside-out and know what it takes to thoroughly clean even the hardest to reach components of the unit. The Premium Ceiling Suspended-Type Air Conditioner Cleaning is a deep cleaning process designed to rid your unit of all particles, dirt, grime, algae, bacteria and harmful mold spores that affect your health and your units’ ability to run efficiently.